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Let’s Explore The Improved Routing, Layouts & Rendering in NextJs 13

Next.js 13 was recently released at the Next.js conference. Many new features are included, including new routing, a new way to fetch data (React suspense), Vercel fonts, og image generation, layouts, and more. These new features have the potential to be game changers, and they promise to be extremely fast. But not without consequences. Let’s go into more detail about them. Turbopack: The successor to Webpack. Turbopack, the brand new build tool led by the creator of Webpack, Tobias Koppers, will be the Web’s next-generation bundler. Rust was used to construct it from the ground...

Why Should We Use Context API Instead of Redux For New React Apps

When creating a new React application, we think about redux as a state management solution as a default choice. Let’s have a look at the Context API as a possible replacement. If you’re building a new React app today, your instincts may urge you to choose Redux. But should you start with Redux? That has turned into a legitimate question these days. The state management capabilities of React have vastly increased in recent versions. I’d want to discuss a more straightforward technique that relies on the Context API in this post. Let’s Take a Look Back Why Did We Adopt...

REST API Design Good Practices

In order to survive, a project needs to sacrifice the quality for money and time. But in order to continue surviving, a software project needs to sacrifice money and time for the quality. In this post, we are going to see some good practices for developing REST API. We almost everyone already know the content of this document but we just do not follow them always. Let’s start following some good practices which would eventually lead us to become good developers as well as it would benefit the product itself.

Top new javascript features introduced in es2020

Since the addition of ECMAScript in 2015, the overall state of the art of the development in JavaScript has emerged to a new height. The JavaScript language specification has been regularly revised with new features every year. The ECMA International is calling these features new ECMAScript 2020 or JavaScript ES11(see intro here). In this post, we are going to discuss a few new interesting features of those. LET’S DIVE INTO THE NEW JAVASCRIPT FEATURES

Full Stack Developer, Tech Geek, Audiophile, Cinephile, and Life-Long Learner!

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