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  • Make Windows Powershell Work Like a Linux Terminal
    Windows PowerShell doesn’t come with any git command utilities. But we can extend it to a new level where we can utilize git commands efficiently. In this post, we are going to see how to add auto command suggestions on TAB, branch information, and a working directory in Windows PowerShell. To get that look at our default PowerShell, we will install two packages from PowerShell Gallery. To check what that Gallery is about click here. We will install posh-git and oh-my-posh packages as modules. The posh-git will provide prompt with Git status summary information and TAB completion for Git commands, parameters, remotes, and branch names. On the other hand, oh-my-posh will enable us to theme our terminal as our own.
  • REST API Design Good Practices
    In order to survive, a project needs to sacrifice the quality for money and time. But in order to continue surviving, a software project needs to sacrifice money and time for the quality. In this post, we are going to see some good practices for developing REST API. We almost everyone already know the content of this document but we just do not follow them always. Let’s start following some good practices which would eventually lead us to become good developers as well as it would benefit the product itself.
  • Crud Using React Hooks and Context API
    React Hooks and Context API are two relatively new features that have been added to React from v16.8 and v16.3 respectively. In this post, I’m going to create an app that can perform CREATE, READ, UPDATE and DELETE utilizing Hooks and Context API together.This new concept was introduced in v16.8 which is an alternative to classes. The Devs who used React before are familiar with functional components and class components. Many of these features available to classes – such as lifecycle methods and state weren’t available to React until Hooks were introduced. The new Hooks add those class component’s features to functional components. Let’s see an example of functional component and class component.
  • Windows sandbox – test before you install anything on your windows system
    There are a lot of time that we think before installing an app on our system if it is safe or not. In May 2019, Windows got a system update with Windows Sandbox feature. Basically it lets you use anything before installing it. This feature is available with version 1903. To be more specific, Windows Sandbox is a virtual machine which can be created on-demand using Microsoft‘s hypervisor technology. It’s a very lightweight environment using a resource of 100MB only, and it’s well optimized to boot and run faster. It focuses on security, and it’s an example of efficient usage of integrated kernel scheduler, virtual graphics and smart memory management. Although you can create a virtual machine to accomplish a similar experience, there are some key benefits with Windows Sandbox. For instance, you don’t need to spend additional steps creating or downloading a virtual machine. Every time you launch the feature, it runs a new clean installation of Windows 10. When you finish testing an application and close Windows Sandbox, everything gets deleted automatically. Also, using virtualisation isolates anything occurring inside the environment from your main installation offering maximum security to test untrusted applications.
  • Top new javascript features introduced in es2020
    Since the addition of ECMAScript in 2015, the overall state of the art of the development in JavaScript has emerged to a new height. The JavaScript language specification has been regularly revised with new features every year. The ECMA International is calling these features new ECMAScript 2020 or JavaScript ES11(see intro here). In this post, we are going to discuss a few new interesting features of those. LET’S DIVE INTO THE NEW JAVASCRIPT FEATURES

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